Usurper v0.23f has just been released!

Usurper v0.23e has just been released!

Usurper v0.23d has just been released!

Usurper v0.23c has just been released!

Did the Windows port of Usurper crash on you during dungeon fights? First off, why didn't you tell me?!?! Secondly, a fix is now available on the Usurper page. The same problem may exist in other places and is impossible to find via a search/replace mechanism, so please report any other crashes you may encounter!

Several months ago the author of Usurper released the source code under the GNU GPL license. Shortly after I compiled a quick and dirty Win32 port, but it wasn't really done properly at all, so this past weekend I sat down and did a proper port and have now released v0.21.