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Here's a collection of current and previous Usurper releases, sorted with the newest releases at the top.

It's not recommended you actually use an older release, they're only listed here for historical purposes.

Version File Size Release Date Source Code Release Notes
Pre-Release Varies N/A Latest Source
  • Latest binaries from GutHub.  Likely fixes some bugs found in the last official release, but also possibly introduces new bugs.
  • Only recommended to use if you run into problems with the last official release.
  • If you do use them, please contact me with any feedback (ie do they work or do you run into problems).
  • HINT: The download link is for the whole GitHub repo.  Check the "bin" directory for the binaries.
Release v0.24 3,126,683 September 1, 2015 Source v0.24
  • Switched to FreePascal compiler
  • Several crashes fixed
  • Auto-upgrader for easy upgrades
Release v0.23f 3,886,271 July 8, 2013 Source v0.23f
  • Fixed unrequited marriage bug
  • Fixed receiving mail out of order
  • Several minor fixes
Release v0.23e 3,887,579 April 27, 2013 Source v0.23e
  • Fixed Angel caused dropped carrier in dungeon fights
  • Lots of minor fixes
Release v0.23d 3,886,343 March 30, 2013 Source v0.23d
  • Fixed slow maintenance with option #153 (wicked-fast now!)
  • Fixed monster defense being ignored for 20 years! (requires monster file to be reset)
  • Fixed infinite loop with birthday (l)ove reward
  • Fixed horrendous bug that caused a player's god to be deleted if they simultaneously log-in on two nodes
Release v0.23c 3,885,614 March 3, 2013 Source v0.23c
  • Fixed NPC-created quests caused exception violation and fatal exit
  • Fixed monster hitpoints being hardcoded to strength * 3 (requires monster file to be reset)
  • Fixed supreme being crashes with too many hitpoints
  • Added Linux and OS/2 targets
  • Fixed crashes in DOS that existed as of v0.23
  • Fixed RTE207 and 100% CPU usage problems (caused by old SuperDelay unit)
Release v0.23b 2,012,723 February 21, 2013 Source v0.23b
  • First release with Dan onboard fixing bugs
  • Too many fixes to list, see the docs instead
Release v0.23a 2,008,362 February 12, 2013 Source v0.23a
  • Rolled back part of "monster defence calculation" fix since it made enemies too difficult to kill
Release v0.23 2,008,200 January 29, 2013 Source v0.23
  • Started from scratch with a 3rd attempt at porting to Windows
  • Fix assassin backstab command
  • Fix monster defence calculation crash
Release v0.22 2,183,504 March 22, 2012 Lost forever
  • Started from scratch with a 2nd attempt at porting to Windows
  • Fix assassin backstab command
Release v0.21a 2,304,482 May 1, 2011 In release archive
  • Fix assassin backstab command
Release v0.21 2,303,638 July 27, 2010 In release archive
  • 1st attempt at porting to Windows
Release v0.20e 3,323,989 October 16, 2009 Source v0.20e
  • Last release by Jakob